Here at genesis we are accustomed to the demands and pressures of global production and international logistics. To ensure consistency across all the items required by your suppliers we consolidate the manufacture of all your approved branding in a single location. To this end we have supply and administrative hubs both in the UK and the Far East which can then distribute these goods worldwide. Similarly goods can be stock-held for a specified period and dispatched and invoiced directly when needed. Consignments can be sent either by DHL, our nominated carrier, or via a customer stipulated alternative.


Based on examples of your current branding or proposed new designs, genesis can provide accurate costings for your consideration. Determined by the individual quality, quantity, size, finish and colours of the anticipated product our prices always reflect your bespoke requirements. Where necessary we can also offer advice on upgrading your products in order to accentuate your branding and so achieve maximum impact.

Presenting realistic time-scales and accurate lead-time information is fundamental to our business. Throughout every step of the development process, be it initial sampling or bulk delivery, genesis will proactively engage with our customers to ensure they are continually informed of their order progress.


If you are struggling for inspiration or short on time, our in-house creative team are available to help bring your ideas to life. Whether it is a comprehensive and varied brand pack, a unique design or an amendment to an existing item, genesis can turn that thought into reality.