RFID is undoubtedly a retail game-changer. Getting a system up and running can save brands and businesses huge amounts of time and money. The principles behind it are dead simple. A transmitter - loaded with key info - is contained within a thin ‘chip’ hidden in a barcode sticker attached to (or encapsulated within) a swing ticket. When someone activates their hand-held receiver, the data inside the RFID chip located on every garment on display, or in the stock room, is sent to their device and the information can be accessed in a flash. This gives the user almost instant stock levels (that can give you between 98% to 99% accuracy…wowzer!) and provides real-time shop floor inventories, as well as solid numbers to crunch to help you get to grips with your in-store marketing and merchandising. We work with an industry-leading RFID specialist who can provide you with the software platform and hardware to get you started.



As part of the amazing service that comes as standard, we can produce the physical RFID sticker or inlay and get it to your garment suppliers alongside the rest of your beautiful labelling range.  To get up and running, firstly you identify all the relevant data that you need to help your stats people, we take this information and let our RFID wizards upload and encrypt the details onto the physical RFID component. The inlay can be subtly sandwiched within your main swing ticket or be overprinted with standard barcode information and added to the tag after printing. Once produced we can then dispatch to your manufacturers anywhere in the world for them to add to your garments.