We know that we must all get involved in moving products towards greater sustainability. There are no quick fixes but we have made the decision to actively promote sustainable qualities.  In fact, many of these production methods are now industry standard.  It isn’t perfect yet, but we are taking big steps in that direction, believing that we all have a responsibility to act.  We don’t claim to have all the answers, and it is a complicated area, but what we will do is help you make more considered choices so your branding and packaging can become more sustainable.



Take the humble swing ticket. A variety of board qualities are available on request, including: recycled, FSC® or responsibly sourced options alongside different inks and finishes that can be plant or water-based. Even the cord or string can be created using paper. The end result – an item of branding that is fully recyclable! We can do the exactly the same for your bags and boxes, big and small. But sustainability not only involves how we make things, it’s how we use them. Thinking outside the box (groan..) led us to create a nifty range of flat-pack packaging that helps save space - inside shipping containers (reducing your transport costs) and in your store - and increase the reusability of the box.

Our woven labels - and amazing woven tapes - can be produced using 100% recycled polyester yarn (both the warp and weft…trust us that is important) created from plastic bottles. Guess what? They still look amazing!  Just because your brand wants to take a more responsible path and have a more sustainable future doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Recycled labels will, within 3 to 4 years, become the mainstay of the industry. But it's not only woven labels that are being reimagined. We also offer biodegradable and recycled seals, recycled polysatin and recycled cotton printed labels. Need some more information? Get in touch, as we are always thinking of new solutions and developing new products.